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Industrial Processes Optimization

We have a wide range of innovative software and equipments aimed at improving industrial processes. We provide from expert control systems to automatic measurement and reporting (production, environmental monitoring, KPI monitoring, etc.).

Research and Development in ​​controllers field

We have a research and development team with the aim of finding solutions in the area of ​​control, as soft sensors, neural network, adaptive controllers, Fuzzy Logic, etc

On Demand Softwares

We not only look for solutions but we are able to develop specific solutions for your needs.

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We develop solutions for you

A Densyx is a company created to be a bridge between the industrial world and the universities, the main objective is to transfer the investigations that take place in the academic worlds to the industrial world, being able to solve real problems.

Densyx works in partnership with academic institutions, and / or other companies in an attempt to develop state-of-the-art solutions for industry problems.

We develop our own softwares and hardwares but we also integrate/represent third party software and equipment.

We have expert control solutions to increase the efficiency and performance of the systems, automatic reporting solutions for the different types of objectives (performance control, environmental monitoring according to standards, etc). Solutions for online prediction of variables only that are only obtained in laboratories.

Densyx is a SPIN-OFF company of Densit do Brasil, which is very strongly established in the South American industrial market and with several business areas. One of those areas: ​​industrial processes optimization, has developed and grown so that a strategic decision has been made to separate it from the matrix so that it can become stronger.

Densyx also offers specialized equipment assistance services, performing calibration, adjustments, etc., including certified and authorized of several international companies. Like Digital Lab Control, Technologia Integral SA and ENGING

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