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Knowledge of automatic control operations

  • Transforms knowledge of operations into automatic control.
  • It does not need mathematical descriptions, which are usually impossible to obtain.
  • The rules are semantically presented to the new operator, as they are passed to him: "IF the Mill Load is High AND the Elevator Intensity is Medium, THEN the Feed must be Increased slowly"

The disadvantages of manual control are that in many grinding processes they are controlled manually. However, it is impossible for operators to monitor all systems at all times.

This leads the operator to set the feed rate (t / h) below the optimum value, due to the high risk of loss of efficiency in the grinding and reduction of the stability of the mill. This situation makes the grinding process a non-optimized system.

With MillExCs:

  • Gets the optimal feed rate for each occasion;
  • Acts more slowly or more quickly according to the situation;
  • Increases production by reducing specific consumption;
  • Keeps the mill load high;
  • Lower engine power consumption;
  • Less wear on equipment (due to reduced impact);
  • Can be run on a regular PC connected via Ethernet to the factory.
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