What we do

Optimization of industrial processes

We have a wide range of innovative software and equipment that aim to improve industrial processes, from specialist control systems to measurement equipment and automatic report generation (production, environmental monitoring, KPI monitoring, etc.).

Research and Development in the control area

We have a research and development team in order to find solutions in the control area, such as soft sensors, neural networks, adaptive control, Fuzzy Logic, etc.

Tailored software

We are not only looking for solutions, but we are able to develop specific solutions for your needs.

Predictive Maintenance


    The TCM system uses an innovative method that allows the analysis of the current and voltage spectrum, using some approaches for diagnosing faults in power transformers.


    The MCM system uses an innovative method that allows analyzing the spectrum of currents and voltages of the 3 phases of the motor. This method allows you to check if the engine has a problem, its location and its severity.


    A system that displays the variables in the web browser whose values ​​are out of compliance so that immediate action is taken by those responsible.

Smart Control


    Transforms knowledge of operations in automatic control in cement mills. It does not need mathematical descriptions, which are usually impossible to obtain.



    By measuring the real-time vibration of the inlet and outlet housings, MillScan produces a highly accurate grind fill level signal that can be used to operate the mill.


    MillSlicer is distinguished from any other level measurement instrument in ball mills. Using the latest technologies to obtain accurate signals in real time.

About Us

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We develop solutions for you

Densyx is a company created to be a bridge between the industrial world and universities, the main objective is to transfer the investigations that take place in the academic worlds to the industrial world, being able to solve real problems.

Densyx works in partnership with academic institutions, and or other companies in an attempt to develop cutting-edge solutions to industry problems.

We develop our own software but we also integrate third-party software and equipment.

We have specialist control solutions to increase the efficiency and performance of systems, solutions for generating automatic reports for the various types of objectives (performance control, environmental monitoring according to standards, etc.). Online prediction solutions for variables only obtained in the laboratory.

Densyx is a SPIN-OFF company from Densit do Brasil, already very strong in the industrial market and with several business areas, one of which is the area of ​​industrial process optimization. This area has developed and grown so that a strategic decision was made to separate it from the parent company so that it can become stronger.

Densyx also offers specialized equipment assistance services, performing calibration, adjustments, etc., being certified and authorized by several international companies. As Digital Lab Control, Technologia Integral SA and ENGING

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