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Predictive Maintenance Software

In industries, supervisors should monitor equipment variables constantly in order to detect possible malfunctions, which can often become a difficult task.

Densyx Soluções has developed a system that displays in the web browser the variables whose values ​​are out of compliance so that immediate action by those responsible. The system also allows consultation of the data offline in order to be able to analyze any problems.

Register all equipment in your industry on the SmartMonitor platform and monitor them online through the web platform.

  • 1st step: registration of the equipment area;
  • 2nd step: registration of the equipment to be monitored;
  • 3rd step: item registration.
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In addition to being a software for visualizing active alarms, it is possible through it: view alarm histories, history of variations in the values ​​of each registered item, register new equipment for monitoring, change the variation range of the items, register users to use the software with their proper permissions, change / delete / add an alarm, among other features.

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